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Cement shoes is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. This weed smells and tastes like grapefruit and lime zest with a hint of mint. A powerful, uplifting high will leave you feeling energized and inspired.


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Buy Cement Shoes Strain is a new entry from High Country Strains, Cement Shoes is a hybrid strain with true amnesia-inducing effects. The smell of diesel fuel will not be lost on those who remember it from their pilot days. This cross between Big Buddha Cheese and OG Kush has an earthy smell and is best used in the evening after 6 PM. Patients can expect a high that first hits the head, then moves towards the toes for a full body effect that should last at least 3 hours. This is great for people who have trouble sleeping due to pain or anxiety. Cement Shoes is a favorite of medical marijuana patients in Michigan and

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Cement Shoes is a hybrid marijuana strain and has gained immense popularity in the states of Michigan and Colorado. Cement  Strain seeds are dark green with amber shades, and the leaves are red hued. When grown indoors, this plant makes for a great addition to multiple layers of a hydroponic system as it usually kicks out massive final yields up to 350g/m2.

This hybrid cannabis strain contains a moderate amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at approximately 15%, with a higher amount of cannabidiol (CBD). Enjoy your kicks on the beach, or at home with a big bowl while listening to your favorite tunes

What strain is cement shoes?

Sometimes one size just doesn’t fit all. The  Shoes strain is a large, beautiful example of how different strains will look different when grown. The grower wanted to grow this strain as big and tight as possible, while keeping with the lime green coloration. They used a lime green and huge red bubba pheno-type male to pollinate their favorite lime green female to produce this beauty, a high calyx-to-leaf ratio with amazing bag appeal. Cement Shoes is a hybrid strain that is named after the classic 80’s movie! Its parents are Cinderella 99 and Gas. This particular strain will give you a great mental relaxation with a slight, gentle body buzz.

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