Gorilla OG Strain


Gorilla OG Strain is a hybrid and sativa dominant strain bred by GG Strains. The scent of this strain is an earthy-pine with a hint of berry.


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Gorilla OG Strain is a very potent, fast-acting cannabis strain. A cross between Chemdawg 4 and three other Trainwreck cuts, this medication is supposedly the most potent of its kind. The smoke gives an instant “head rush” type feeling like it’s going right to your head, and then it instantly relaxes you down into your stomach. It also comes with a moderate amount of pain relief, which makes this a great strain of choice for patients suffering from debilitating ailments such as cancer.

Gorilla Og Gorilla | OG Strain Effects | Gorilla kush | Buy Gorilla OG Strain.

Gorilla OG Strain is a sativa dominant strain. This flower has a pungent, earthy, and sweet smell. With THC levels ranging between 20-26%, this is one of the strongest strains on the market and gets users immediately lifted with a euphoric head high.This powerful strain has an earthy pine scent with an aroma of sour lemon and diesel, which is much like the taste. A first-timer smoker may need to be prepared tripping on this strain as it can become overwhelming after smoking a considerable amount. This plant grows with a short stature and it is great for indoors or outside when growers can control the height. The buds are coated with crystals that have a high THC content, ranging from 22-27%

Royal Gorilla Strain | Gorilla Snacks Strain.

Looking for a marijuana strain to cure your cramps? Well look no further. Royal Gorilla Strain may just be the strain you have been looking for. This sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid is a potent and delicious medical inclusion in every medicated jar.With its uplifting cerebral effects, this dope will leave you feeling like royalty!

This Strain is a deliciously potent and effective medical marijuana strain that will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and invigorated. With its sweet yet earthy aroma and taste, this strain is sure to make you feel like the king of the jungle!

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