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Grape Soda, also known as Sannies Strain, is an excellent new variety of marijuana with a mild but uplifting effect. This is an indica-dominant hybrid (80 percent indica/20 percent sativa) that has large, dense buds that are pink and purple all over.


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Grape Soda Strain-  Our original grape soda strain is a cross between Grape Ape and Querkle, and has the scent and flavor of green grapes. The buds are light green with vibrant purple undertones and an abundance of red hairs and crystal resin.

This grape soda marijuana strain is a long, slow-burning indica that induces a powerful euphoria for both relaxation and sleep. Our marijuana seeds for grape soda are available in regular or feminized, and can be grown indoors or outside to produce copious amounts of sticky flowers that develop into thick colas.

Grape Soda Strain Seeds.

Grape Soda weed seeds are a hybrid cross of two classic strains, Grapefruit and Soda. This Sativa-dominant cannabis plant has a distinctive smell and taste of grapefruit, with a hint of cream soda. It was developed in Colorado by breeding an Indica bud strain with a Sativa one.

Grape Soda Strain Effects | Grape Soda Strain Indica or Sativa.

This indica dominant hybrid should only be used by experienced smokers due to its very potent nature.

  • The effects should last around 1-2 hours. Fortunately, this strain doesn’t produce any debilitating body effects, so it’s great for novice smokers who don’t want their activities limited by heavy sedation later in the evening.
  • The Grape Soda marijuana strain produces a euphoric and creative high that quickly evolves into a strong sedative effect.
  • A typical feature of Grape Soda weed is the fact that it has a high THC content and a low CBD content, making it a popular choice for recreational smokers
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    Perfect high for strong smoker lol thus one is no joke guy. Thanks to 420 medical bud shop got my package right on time.

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