Kush Mints


The Kush Mint  is a hybrid, Indica-dominant cross of the legendary OG Kush and unknown parentage. This kush variety has an earthy pine smell with citrus, berry undertones. A large number of sticky trichomes are present on the buds with visible orange pistils wrapping around deep green small nugs.


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Kush Mints are a perfect blend of marijuana and mint flavor. The mixture of the two provide a strong, long lasting aroma that releases a burst of goodness with each bite. “Kush” means “goodness” in Hindi, and these tiny treats will have you saying just that. Kush Mints provide a potent alternative to smoking. It is high quality, natural, and fast acting for the most pleasant high possible. We are constantly on the prowl for better formulas.

Kush Mint strain offer a serious THC-infused product in a fun and tasty way. This makes it easy to have a good time. 420 Medical Bud Shop is to make cannabis consumption social and fun – we aim to help change outdated stigmas around cannabis use and provide a modern and convenient option for people who enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Kush Mints Strain | Kush Mints Indica or Sativa | Kush Mintz.

Our Mints Strain marijuana is your first step towards better health. Kush mints strain uses scrumptious minty flavors, to mask its unique aroma and taste, leaving only the delicious aftertaste of minty freshness. Kush Weed is an excellent way to relieve nausea, joint pain or other medical problems that may prevent customers from feeling comfortable. This will take you on a journey through your imagination.

A soothing strain that focuses your attention and emotions on the current task, causing complete spurts of insight and creativity. These creative spurts may lead to new ideas and solutions to life’s daily grinds. Kush Mints creates clear mind chatter and aids with focus and energy, while also packing a serious punch in flavor and smell.

Where can i buy Kush Mints Weed Online

You can only buy quality Marijuana product at 420 Medical Bud Shop. At our online store we bring you the most recent weed strains from across the United States at your doorsteps for excellent prices. Shop with us today and witness first hand delivery through out USA, CANADA, UK and Europe at large.

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