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LSD strain has a lemony flavor and pine scent. LSD medically can be beneficial when used for fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression while the high CBD is good for more serious conditions. This strain can ease mild to moderate chronic aches and pains. LSD strain is often prescribed to help deal with stress, anxiety, or depression. Patients also use the strain to treat insomnia, and a few choose it to help combat migraines.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Mazar I Sharif x Skunk No.1
  • Citrus x Earthy x Sweet
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Creative x Uplifted


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Buy LSD strain delivers a vivid and psychedelic experience with a powerful body buzz and cerebral high. The THC content has been measured up to 24% with a CBD of 1.3%.

LSD, as we all know, is a hallucinogenic drug that takes you to the moon and back. You can expect the same form of potency with LSD strains for sale. It is an Indica-dominant cross between Skunk and Mazar I Sharif with plenty of THC. You get a rich pine taste with some berry notes lingering on the tongue. The best way to consume it is through a vaping device since combustion may result in the loss of essential cannabinoids and terpenes.

What makes cheap LSD strain a popular choice among cannabis lovers

Purity and potency play an important role in determining the kind of effects one may experience. Buy LSD strain for an energizing cerebral high that allows you to unwind at the end of a hectic day. We recommend smoking it at least an hour or two before bedtime, and not when you are planning to go out.

Medical marijuana patients can use it to relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. This high feeling enables you to forget your worries and enjoy a peaceful evening, followed by quality sleep. Please avoid overindulging, as it may lead to dizziness and paranoia.

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At420 Medical Marijuana Bud Shop , you can buy LSD strain online at unbelievable prices. We know there are several attributes to consider when choosing a strain, and we fulfill all the requirements from the desired effects and quantity to the cost and smell. We do not sell low-quality products containing a mix of shake, compressed buds, and stems. Do not fall into the trap of roadside dealers selling leafy and wispy buds.

We do not make false claims, and it is our responsibility to serve outstanding cannabis like fine wine. Should you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are always there to guide you!

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52 reviews for LSD Strain

  1. Aaron

    LSD, Strong, long lasting, 100% positive effects. Dry mouth just like most strains. If youre complaining you dont deserve it.

  2. Anthony

    At first glance of the buds I noticed that LSD was one of the most crystally and sparkly bud I have ever seen! The buds were good sized, dense, very light green with nice orange hairs. The trichomes were nearly a full millimeter long with the trich heads easily visible with the naked eye! This strain has a unique smell unlike any other bud I have ever had, very citrusy and sour. Much like candy! Upon grinding you will instantly notice the sour smell 10x stronger. And because of the high THC content, it leaves a great amount of kief which makes it ideal for the hash connoisseur! The smoke tasted much like smoking hash under-the-glass, or a big bowl of kief. It has a powerful throat hit and if not taken lightly will leave you coughing up a lung. But after about 3 good inhales and 2 minutes later you will be in a different world. The high is very interesting, like the smell unlike anything I have ever had, it hits you as a strong cerebral sativa would but about 15 minutes later will have you looking for the nearest couch. Extremely potent strain. Do not pass this strain up the next time you see it at your dispensary! Thanks for reading.

  3. andrew

    My first time trying “LSD”. Wow. Great body buzz. Lovely lovely strain. Tastes delicious. smoked and ran errands and got locked out of my car and would usually be freaking out but I was calm. Got unlocked, THEN at 7/11 (which is thankfully by my house) my battery died. had a great night laughing at my luck while walking home whereas any other time I’d be panicking and crying.

  4. Marry lane

    I literally lost my virginity on this strain

  5. Andrew

    I am a heavy recreational smoker in the Denver area (+/- 1gm/day, 4-7 days/week, smoking with occasional vaping), and have been a smoker for quite a long time. It is rare to encounter a strain like this. First, the potency is phenomenal. Even with a high tolerance, it produced a lot of the classic anxiety symptoms (increased heart rate, mild paranoia, general anxiety) that many people experience from potent strains. It also produced mild visual and auditory distortion, in addition to a feeling of euphoric happiness. Again, these effects were in an experienced smoker. Second, it has a wonderful smell and smoke. The odor of the plant is rather sweet though difficult to fully describe, but the odor of the smoke and burnt material is strongly reminiscent of hashish or other concentrates. I can only imagine that in a less frequent or more inexperienced smoker, this would produce an overwhelmingly intense psychedelic effect for a couple of hours. For the experienced smoker, this promises a relatively intense effect with (in my experience) a longer-than-average duration. It is absolutely not the right choice for people who have or are prone to experiencing anxiety, or for people who do not prefer high potency or psychedelic components to their cannabis experience. For everyone else, if you can find it for a reasonable price at a reputable dispensary, I strongly recommend

  6. Susan

    I thought the initial high was really good and very uplifting. everything got much brighter the sounds became more vibrant. then I started munching hard

  7. Loic A

    Heavy Hitter! This strain has yet to be tested for THC content, but I can tell just by the look of it, it has some decent frostiness. Theres orange hairs wrapping it self around the each puffed out dark green leafs. The calyx’s don’t lie, very tight nugs properly cured to a heavy but not to flaky consistency. Dank cola’s in larger form. I am feeling heavily like trainwreck just not out of my skull when I look at my arms I can’t help, and think are those really my arms? They must be writing all of this insanely detailed experiences. Dank orange tightly leafed nuggets, I tried some of their bluecheese earlier it didn’t even phase me I’ll have to trade it tomorrow for something else better. I love how this makes me motivated even though I am in a completely different headspace and rocking it out yeaaaa man! I feel happy, alert, creative, motivated, and most importantly very pleased uplifted in a very stony way! There is some forgetfulness if you get too medicated. I have found low or high doses it usually does the job for me. I love the piney lemon smell it has, very impressed with the effects! Will recommend for those who have a hard time getting going for whatever the reason might be, some pain numbing, only hardly though this is very mental almost no body well at least for me. The eye’s are a good one recommend this for glaucoma patients, ADHD, Stress, Tinnitus, Depression, Fatigue, and most importantly, Anorexia. Watch out for first timers not recommended if you have, been smoking a while or a veteran this is one of the ideal strains to have on shelf.

  8. Quin

    oh my god. where am i

  9. Quinty

    Very Diesel tasting, it has a spacious head high before getting into the body. Head high effect *Burning Sensation* is immediate, body winds up while the head high wears off. Great for taking your good day into a higher one or a bad day into a good one. Great for those massively depressed like me. This is a happy strain! This cannabis for the best price and most clinically clean.

  10. Otto

    The LSD strain is a pleasure for all your senses , it starts the second you open the bag !!! The smell is such a treat for the nose. The flavour and taste was a fresh citrus it was like sucking on an orange / grapefruit . The buzz was strong and consistent a treat for all

  11. Wind Wiz

    Currently enjoying AGL’s T-22.88% indica-leaning hybrid 🔥🌺.. smokers, beware! This is a heavy-hitter all around: flavor|pungency, smoke|exhale, psychotropic|cerebral 5⭐️-strain DEF best suited for those not prone to anxiety. While it somewhat-helps to slow adhd-motor in my brain, it’s a TON racier than most hybrids, as it revs mental activity, not physical.. best suited for daytime medicating • Low terpenes, skunky, diesel-y —> if you’re an ‘ol-timer who loves a harsh, heavy, heady high but not the 12 hr commitment of a real lsd-trip, then this is your 💨 smoke!👌🏻• 🔥💣✌🏽•

  12. Williams

    By far the best herb i have ever smoked. The nugs were pretty good size, and for how potent this herb is its relatively cheap. The nug itself was a nice shade of greed with small orange hairs and a decent amount of crystals. Upon exhale, my body went numb. Now i usually trip mildly from any weed, but this weed, wow. About a minute after exhale i felt a strong tingle sweep across my whole body, followed be nice visuals. The room sort of swished back and fourth, and i had crazy thought about like falling into mirrors and stuff of that nature. An amazing strain i would only recommend to strong smokers.

  13. Andrew

    When I saw the name of the strain, I thought…”Yeah, we’ll see about that…” It happens to be a very powerful strain, and wonderful! Physically, you feel light as a feather…yard maintenance is actually fun. You’re also in a mental state that I can only describe as bliss. Focusing is easy. Spiritually uplifting which is the best thing about cannabis (when it happens) in my opinion. Definitely buying this again.

  14. Coucou

    This strain is exactly as advertised. It smells of a nice pine/earthy smell with only a hint of orange but as soon as its ground up, you can really smell the citrus notes. It’s a very smooth smoke, not too much coughing from this one. It takes a bit to feel it come on but when it does, it feels amazing. It starts with a body high that closely resembles a buzzing feeling and then the cerebral effects start to kick in and it’s at first hazy but then calming and uplifting. It felt like all the bad from a long day of work just disappeared and was whooshed away. Overall, it’s one of my favorite strains so far and I would definitely smoke it more. Strongly recommend it, especially if you are one for a more psychedelic experience, then this will easily be your favorite.

  15. Makiaveli

    Reminds me of my favourite kind, Cinderella 99 but tastes & looks abslutely amazing.
    I notice that both LSD & Cinderella 99 have an underlying smell of sweetness. Like marijuana candy. I have not noticed this in many other strains. Wonder if whatever makes that smell makes it so good for depression and anxiety…

  16. Plies

    This is a good one. When I smoked it had a very nice flavor and it was easy to go down. I love the way it made me feel and had a great body high and a great head high all-in-one!

  17. george

    “Hey, Roger.” “Yea, Roger” “I seem to be experiencing a lighter feeling in my head. And in my body. It’s sort of tingly.” “Well, Roger, you are on the moon.” “Hmmm. Quite… I like it. I feel free. Like I’m pretty sure this is how Timon and Pumba felt at their oasis.” “Hakuna Matata?” “It’s our problem freeeeeeee philosophyyyy…” “Stop singing.” “Sorry, I just feel good. Like I can accomplish anything. Almost as if the world is at my fingertips.” “Lift your arm in front of you. Stick your finger up.” “OH MY GOD! I’m holding the world up with my finger, like a slowly spinning basketball.” “And to think we used to be down there. Just like the rest of them. None of which can really see the beauty we have, but I guess it’s hard to, with such “busy lives” and all.” “Sorry, what? I was still thinking about The Lion King.” #justastronautthings

  18. Ann Mary

    This strain is a Perfect match for my ADHD/OCD/Dyslexic Brain! A #1 with my chronic pain and mental awareness; a strain that delivers fantastic stress and anxiety relief. Newbies beware!! This strain can be a heavy hitter; despite the buds seeming mediocre in the crystal department. So take small doses first to gauge the buds potency. This strain will be one of the first I grow for sure! Make no mistake; if you’re looking for a strain that will keep you focused, relaxed, stress, and pain free; LSD will not let you down.

  19. A Best

    An excellent high, felt like a tiny monkey was massaging my brain.

  20. Caiman

    Interesting strain. Didn’t enjoy the first two joints, third one was the charm. That’s the similarity to LSD that I see, you have to weather the storm a little to understand what’s going on and then you can enjoy. Energetic, mind opening and focused high, slight euphoria, does not negate negative thoughts very well and the warmth is short lived. In that respect, I would recommend this strain to try as it is an interesting high and can provide recreational value, but there are much more entertaining strains out there. One thing I loved though was that it brought the techno side out of me, could not listen to anything else. Dominik Eulberg boiler room if anyone fancies a listen whilst smoking this strain. Overall 3/5, I would smoke it in the future but there are plenty that provide more pleasant highs.

  21. T Raw

    The particular phenol type I started only grew to approx. 4 1/2 feet. Extremely leafy, but covered in crystals. It smelled heavily of flowery mint with a diesel finish. After cut and dry the aroma changed into a strong skunky diesel, mint still lingering on exhale as well as a bit of lime. As for the high, definitely good for pain, muscles feel a bit more relaxed than I like but lack of spinal pain is a massive plus. Cerebral is an understatement when it feels like I am experiencing the neurons firing while I type this. Does have an effect on vision, I noticed my magnification ability to see small things was clearly improved as I could see what I normally see on a 60x mic, although I am not sure if this is person dependent. One a side note Trichs are in abundance but are not as sticky as you would think. Trimmed an entire plant with one pair of scissors and not once had to clean them. Oddly when you touch the plant its soft as a babies face, then quickly becomes sticky like glue.

  22. Dante

    Had me tripping balls, the ice chamber made it easy to have a few massive rips from the bong. Great strain if you’re near trees or nature. I definitely suggest visiting a forest with some mates and using this strain

  23. Savage Diego

    This strain is a must. Potent and heavy. It started for me in the head with a soaring euphoria then about an hour later, a nice warm body buzz kicked in to round out the experience. The name of this bud really does reflect its naming, due to heightening of the senses. LSD hits on almost every characteristic a patient is looking for: taste, effects and duration of high. From stress to pain this strain will treat you right. In large dosage LSD really will induce an ‘outer-body’ experience so to speak.

  24. Rado

    it’s very strong for a hybrid I’m a Indica person but I get this strain often it’s very nice when complimented with a indica crumble I would suggest to try it

  25. Ramsey

    This is a great strain to take if you have nerve damage and need something during the day. It has great muscle relaxant properties. In addition, it gives me a the mood enhancement really helped me to accomplish everything I needed to do despite my searing nerve pain.

    I found this to be the opposite of couch lock – while medicated, I was even able to get out of my wheelchair and walk with my cane for a little for exercise outside of the physical therapist’s office. FANTASTIC MEDS!

  26. Raze B B

    Finally got to try some of this recently. And I gotta say that for a strain with such an intense moniker, ehhhhh.. gotta say I was somewhat, well… underwhelmed. 🔽 Obviously with a name like “LSD”, there’s an awful lot to live up to, big shoes to fill when you’re named after a completely different substance that is known for it’s rather.. mind-bending effects. The 3g I bought were grown indoors too. I also purchased two “Space Cakes” (Gourmet Dark Chocolate brownies with approx. ~250mgs of THC each (which I really think was either a padded approximation or the guy just didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Made from butter using same strain.) It was covered in HUGE trichomes all over and smelled nice and sweet, but nothing particularly unique scent-wise. Now, the taste was sweet, a tad skunky, and a little Lemon/Limey. Really pleasant actually! The effects most definitely take on a psychedelic/visual edge, but personally I found that I had to smoke a pretty good amount to really get myself launched into the orbit I belong in. As far as the edibles went, again- good, not great. Just not too impressed overall personally. But I’m considering purchasing a clone of this strain and see if I can’t grow it better myself! If I do and it changes my opinion on this, I promise to write a new review! Stay Burnt – BONG THE RIPPER

  27. Taxas

    This strain will send you straight into space. Nice overpowering feeling of relaxation and calm. Better have some food handy, because going to the kitchen is a bit of a chore once L.S.D. kicks in

  28. Yorobo

    Hello! LSD I love you! Just the type I like. What a trip.

  29. Dede

    wonderful day time strain. especially in the mornings with coffee. gives you that up-and-@-em energy. strongly discourag d for evening, close to bed time highs. Has been disruptive to healthy sleep patterns.

  30. Quavo Huncho

    Most potent strain I’ve ever smoked and i have smoked plenty. When i pop the jar open it has undertones of strawberry, bubblegum, grapefruit, diesel and skunk. the buzz is very psychedelic/body numbing, Feels like a beginners stone but stronger if that makes sense. With a medium/high tolerance the buzz lasts me 3-4 hours with a very mild comedown. Highly recommended!!! Oh yeah my dude had b.o.g. seeds version (NYC Diesel x Lifesaver) which is stronger than barneys IMO.

  31. Sparky

    This is probably the 10th different strain I have reviewed! Again when available I want at least a 70% Sativa Hybrid, if not higher! Well this one is about 60-40 with the Sativa over the Indica! It is a beautifully balanced strained that can be used Day or night! It tends to creep up a little on you as well! This wonderfully tasty treat is not to be treated lightly if you are a novice and it has a relatively high CBD with some THC’s going up to 24%! A must watch list strain! Highly recommend!

  32. Edmond

    I gave this bud an 8, and i have only smoked it once. it was a very deep relaxing high that made everything come to life. VERY good bud. I will rate it again if i ever get a hold of more. I would have to say this is a really good bud to smoke before an event like a movie or show.

  33. Ramos

    Smells great, but I’d like it if the squirrel on my shoulder would shut the fuck up.

  34. Roland

    If you’re going to schmoke some of this, you’re definitely gonna want to have at least two hours of just down time with no interruptions. Also, get some KFC while schmokin it. It makes everything so much better.

  35. Queenie

    This is a strain to look for. Put me in a VERY good mood nearly instantly, something which other strains rarely do. Made me very hungry and added a slight purple hue to everything I saw. Went outside to look at storm clouds brewing and suddenly wanted to get my pilot’s license after seeing a plane descend down through the clouds and God rays. This is truly a magical strain and I should have bought a lot more than a gram LOL! Try it!

  36. Chicharito

    Bonjour, here’s my review of LSD slightly using real LSD and Shrooms as comparisons. 1: Smell My friends say it smells like soap, i feel it smells like mint without the cool/chill, if you know what i mean, ohhh no like also pine ish, like the tree. ALSO it doesn’t smell a lot, most people wont know its weed by the smell. Even after you smoke it the smell stays only in your mouth not your clothes. *eyes barely become red* 2: Inhaling I smoked it outta a ghetto ass pipe made from the carton end of a toilet paper roll and a piece of tin foil to burn the weed in like a bowl. The hits weren’t hot nor did they hurt/irritate my throat, they felt smooth, i barely coughed. 3: Tast I can’t really put my finger on what it is but it doesn’t taste that bad, id give it a 50%. It didn’t taste smokey nor did it taste like flavorful vape. It wasn’t sour nor sweet. To be honest it sketchy air fresheners. whatever…next 4: Effects (physical) -SMALL DOSE ~Colours look smoother ~Textures smoothen out too, example if you look at a brick building from far away, the bricks seem to mix together creating a flat textureless look. ~brighter more vivid colours ~light is more bright ~my friend was seeing the grass move and grow slightly ~nothing that interesting tbh ~i was still able to talk to my mom, run, walk, bike and have conversations at this dose -BIG DOSE ~at first i hoped it would be like LSD or Shrooms tho just calmer. That being Physical and Mental tho it wasn’t, barely. When they say its a psychedelic strain, the most you’re gonna get is an image like the ones online that are like “look at this photo for 1 minute and you will see stuff wiggling” type image in green and white and black. The edges of you’re peripherals will start to darken and go basically black, your hearing will be like “weeeeee” you know how in movies before someone dies or gets into an accident and their vision becomes all white and the sound like becomes super high pitched, well thats what happened and to be honest it was kinda scary. Also it blocks out all outside sounds as if you put ur hands on your ears. Also unlike LSD or Shrooms the objects around you dont start to melt or move and there’s no huge visual effects, other than colour changing dramatically towards the green/purple side. 5: Effects (mental) -SMALL DOSE ~no paranoia at all (for me and my friends) ~i don’t think about much or have thought loops ~makes you very creative in your imagination -BIG DOSE ~some paranoia ~its kinda scary (maybe i’m just a pussy) ~not much thinking other than trying to process what’s going on visually ~one of the best strains for if you are bored 6: After high After the high ends you feel super relaxed and calm, its very nice. 7: Conclusion Would i buy this strain again? Yes, if i don’t want to try a new strain. In real life i would never rebuy the same strain because there’s so much out there i want to try as many of them as possible, but you get the point, i love this strain, all around veryyyyyyy nice. I would have given it a 5/5 if it had the same visuals as the real stuff. hehe I still have another 2~3g of this stuff so i might update the post <3

  37. Dench

    This is the craziest weed I’ve ever smoked. I literally tripped balls on marijuana. One of my eyeballs kept getting bigger, my knees pulsed out radio waves you could almost see like the yellow first down line on televised football. Spent the night feeling like my legs were being stretched with my feet glued to their spot on the fabric of the space-time continuum and my body falling into oblivion. Realized this morning that I was feeling my body going through spaghettification at the event horizon of a black hole. Not even gonna get into the body tingle effects. HOOOOOLEEEEE SHIT. Pack a bowl, light up and say high to the glowing orb that’s going to interrogate you in your dreams.

  38. Allah

    One of the best highs I’ve experienced so far; made me the COMPLETE opposite of drowsy and lazy! I tripped quite a bit, things were moving around a lot and I was more susceptible to hallucinations on this than on any other bud I’ve had recently. I didn’t even notice I was buzzing whilst sat down, until I got up to get some water and I was like ‘holy mother of god’ because everything was going pretty quick and everything felt really good. I didn’t get the munchies on this, which rocked because all I’ve been doing is eat with weed! (which is bad haha) Recently I’ve been feeling really sleepy and heavy when I’ve smoked really dank haze (which is what I’ve been having a lot of in the last week) but LSD weed was so much more uplifting, and made me super happy. Definitely going to incorporate into some edibles and see how this varies from Sour D in some Peanut Butter Brownies!

  39. Amoureux

    My number one strain. Smoked this out of my caregivers huge bong took two really big rips, and the journey began. We were driving down the street and he was driving me home because I was extremely medicated and as we were listening to rap music, I thought that I was in Grand Theft Auto 5 for some reason, this may have been because I had just gotten the game, but never the less this strain was ridiculous. Do not pass this one up if you can get it at your local dispensary or from your caregiver. Very “trippy” high that last very long.

  40. Van D

    Unbelievable. After doing LSD, Molly, Peyote, Shrooms, and 2CB, I would say this strain gives off a very psychedelic feeling. My favorite strain for sure.

  41. G Lord

    Strongly Indica-Dominant, Mazar x Skunk #1

    This dark Indica green bud is covered in trichomes. Smells of pine and citrus.
    True to its name, this strain has a bit of a trippy cerebral quality to it, with an increase in visual acuteness and energy The spacey feeling in the head died down after the initial attack and left the review staff with a very relaxed body that was capable of standing and being active or sitting and being lazy. An almost analgesic and numbing feeling came on as it wore on, and our reviewers noticed great relief for back pain and tension – along with that came a late-arriving feeling behind the eyes that carried into the somewhat ‘down’ ending of the effects. It was also good for fatigue, general relaxation, and body looseness (great before exercising).

  42. Kalven

    Unbelievable. After doing LSD, Molly, Peyote, Shrooms, and 2CB, I would say this strain gives off a very psychedelic feeling. My favorite strain for sure.

  43. Lil Ace

    Strongly Indica-Dominant, Mazar x Skunk #1

    This dark Indica green bud is covered in trichomes. Smells of pine and citrus.
    True to its name, this strain has a bit of a trippy cerebral quality to it, with an increase in visual acuteness and energy The spacey feeling in the head died down after the initial attack and left the review staff with a very relaxed body that was capable of standing and being active or sitting and being lazy. An almost analgesic and numbing feeling came on as it wore on, and our reviewers noticed great relief for back pain and tension – along with that came a late-arriving feeling behind the eyes that carried into the somewhat ‘down’ ending of the effects. It was also good for fatigue, general relaxation, and body looseness (great before exercising).

  44. Ghotti

    It doesn’t have to be pretty or pungent to be good. I wish I could give 4.5 only for the powerful, fast acting, long lasting effects, just like I noted 2 years ago. A wee bit dry but it was near the bottom of the jar. Not very stinky, but sweet and floral. Vapor was musty citrus. Mild effects began almost right away, and within 10 minutes of vaping my world was shifting. My senses were extra sharp. Pain was gone. I went from creatively focused to bizarre to day-dreamy and back again. And was I ever horny! Every O was bigger and longer than the last. The high has mellowed since then, but my wife doesn’t know that and set a limit. All for $30 an 1/8th!

  45. Taboski

    Well… L.S.D Great tasting Loud smelling weed. Very uplifting head high. Smoked half a joint (1.0g) and was high and happy

  46. Dede

    the smell is incredible and i love how the high-feeling is i cant explain why but the high from this strain is something special i think this is my favourite strain and i already smoked a lot. 😉

  47. Dickson

    Read all the reviews and decided to take it slow with this one: I just took two hits about 15 minutes ago. It took about 5-10 minutes to hit. I spaced out for a good 5 minutes and then looked at the clock and realized I was high, so I’d say it’s good. I feel very clear-headed but also very relaxed in the head. My anxiety and depression seems to have left my body, and yet I am still as completely clearheaded and awake as I would be sober. Someone else left a review that said “I feel completely clearheaded, but also completely stoned” or something along those lines and it feels like a perfect way to describe the high. It is a very spacey high, where you’ll feel your brand literally wandering off, not taking anything too slow and not anything too fast, at just the right place to examine the thoughts around you without overdoing it. Definitely recommend. Will update if I can remember to later tonight.

  48. Dima

    the smell is incredible and i love how the high-feeling is i cant explain why but the high from this strain is something special i think this is my favourite strain and i already smoked a lot. 😉

  49. Chen Yijun

    Smells sour, tastes like a candy apple dipped in diesel. Perfect for doing anything really.. if you smoke daily, a lot, this is the perfect treat. An exceptional high above most.

  50. Plantine

    So the thing that made me pick up some of this was the crazy looking nugs! Some of the densest weed i’ve picked up in a while. I got 2 grams and the budtender just gave me a crazy gorgeous 2 gram nug. The smell to this bud is WILD. The best way I can describe it is Sweet Lime Diesel. It has that distinct chemical diesel smell with slight undertones of a sweet kushy lime. Taste didn’t translate through very well in this batch.. but it still has a suttle limey taste. I smoked a little more than a gram though my bong for this review. The high onset pretty fast about halfway through my second bowl. Very heady and spacey. I was pretty zoned out for about an hour. Just kinda sat and listened to music while enjoying the nice day. Very Euphoric and thought provoking. Enjoyable long lasting high. Great strain for just kinda spacing out. Would definiately recommend for Depression and Stress! 4/5

  51. Dope Boy

    Had a nice herbal, piney taste upon inhale/exhale of a joint. The high was the strangest I have ever had from smoking weed. Initially I felt a sativa-like rush come on, as per usual, but then I just closed my eyes and zoned-out for a good 20-30 minutes. When I opened my eyes I noticed definite but fairly mild visual changes, almost like an acid trip but nowhere like as strong. Also my head and body felt weird. This strain made me very disorientated and dizzy. I was able to walk fine but I knew I’d smoked some damn hot stuff. This was a very interesting smoke, and I’m glad I tried it, but for me, the buzz is too weird and didn’t make me feel very euphoric or give a sense of well-being, so this is a strain I’d not choose to smoke often.

  52. Van D

    By far one of my favorite strains- washes the day right off of you! Very nice euphoric cerebral effect and tension release. Makes things that seemed like a big deal before you smoked not such a big deal after all. This strain is excellent for depression, mood disorders and stress- you feel happy for no reason whatsoever and it completely resets your mood. Effects lasted around 2.5 hours and are pretty instantaneous after the first hit. Find your zen, peace, and stress relief with this beauty!

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