Napalm Grenade Infused Preroll 8g Lucky

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Napalm Grenade is a hybrid/sativa strain that is sure to blow your mind with its uplifting effects. This tasty strain is the lovechild of two of the most popular marijuana strains around, making this green easy to find and even easier to enjoy.


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Napalm Grenade is a sativa-dominant hybrid that takes its name from the infamous gel used during the Vietnam War. These light green buds have a pungent, earthy flavor with an undertone of citrus and a subtle pine aftertaste. Napalm’s high THC content makes this a particularly potent strain with powerful effects that can quickly target pain and nausea, while still leaving you in a state of relaxation.

Napalm Grenade Review

For an enhanced experience of unparalleled potency, be sure to napalm your preroll. Using a flame-less torch, the napalm process exposes the organic matter of the bud to an extremely high temperature, instantly vaporizing THC within your preroll. The result is a much bigger head-high that will last much longer than an average joint, with none of the harsh smoke you would normally receive from combustion.

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These premium prerolls deliver a potent and consistent experience every time. napalm prerolls are made with pesticide-free flower and never cut with additives, which means that you can get the ultimate high – or none at all. The simple and elegant package design comes in only one color: cannabis green. Our napalm preroll is the perfect companion to your morning coffee or your evening vape. Tame your inner fire with an energetic blast of THC. Baked in Oregon with sustainably grown cannabis, each roll is carefully handcrafted, perfectly portioned, and ready to be enjoyed any way you’d like.

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At 420 Medical Bud Shop, we bring the best of the best when it comes to marijuana products. Buy quality Napalm online for affordable prices and a free delivery on all orders above $300. We offer a 24 hours overnight discreet delivery to your doorsteps delivery with no signature required when receiving the package and a 3-6 day delivery for all international orders.

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Napalm Grenade

3 reviews for Napalm Grenade Infused Preroll 8g Lucky

  1. flipsmokes

    So dank, no one can hear you scream.

  2. RicoGrimm

    Please I need some out in Oregon
    At Portland area pls

  3. 2high4yourbullshit

    The air flow on this was amazing. It smacked !! Definitely will be trying out the others !! Relaxed, head / body high, munchies = happy 😊 Thanks for the experience!!

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