Og Kush Strain

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The common usage of OG Kush includes, depression, anxiety, nausea, pain, loss of appetite. Effects of diablo og are: Postive effects includes; euphoria, relax. Negative effects includes; Dry eyes, cotton mouth.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Hindu Kush
  • Pine x Earthy x Woody
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Sleepy x Uplifted


Buy Og Kush Strain And Enjoy The Benefits 

OG Kush strain has a THC content of 27%, OG Kush is a good choice to temporarily relief anxiety and depression.

The foundational backbone of the cannabis industry hinges on some renowned strains, of which OG Kush stands tall. These nuggets disperse a fresh aroma that can immediately hit your senses and set up the tone.  You can expect an intense cerebral high, followed by mild couchlock.

It is regularly consumed by medical marijuana patients for chronic pain and psychological disorderschronic pain and mental disorders. Those suffering from insomnia, depression, and stress can benefit from the sedative properties of this variant.

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53 reviews for Og Kush Strain

  1. Tdogusa8251

    I found OG Kush to be just ok. It made me hungry and also a little happy with some energy and a mild body high.

  2. Gelakush97432

    Love it. Its pretty and potent and has that danky smell like good weed should. I’ve been firing up since 1972 and smoked some of the world’s best and this is definitely in the top 5 . Gives you fierce munchies but so hemmed to the couch you don’t get up and assault the fridge til after a nap.

  3. Robika405

    One of many favorites. Euphoria, happiness followed by couch lock. Keep toking if you don’t want the couch lock. All around good strain.

  4. EhNH20sck

    Og kush is definitely a great strain, with the heady and uplifting spark of chemdawg and the sedative nature of hindu kush this bud is a heavy hitter. I prefer Use of a water bong and I feel you can’t go wrong 5 stars. 🔥🔥🔥 og kush smells of pine, diesel and hash.

  5. Reaction

    This strain is so well known worldwide that I almost feel a little dorky buying it in 2020, rather than trying something new and trendier. I do try new strains but I find myself going back to OG Kush and her phenotypes very often… And that’s because they are all amazing. You could certainly make an argument that this is the perfect strain, but perhaps the greatest thing OG has done is contribute to so many hybrids that it’s in just about everything now.

  6. Thomas D

    This strain is fire! It has a nice balance about it, from its Hybrid Sativa/Indica genes. This strain made me creative and gave me energy, while at the same time, relaxing my body. I was able to focus, which is something that most Indicas simply do not allow me to do, and my mind was not racey, which can sometimes happen to me with some of the Sativas out here. Overall, I think this is a great hybrid strain!

  7. FEB 21ST, 2019 Frooples

    This is not a go to strain for me. Got a bit to try at the dispensary. For me, a typical sativa smoker, a couple of hits of this, goes a long way. Definitely a heady high. I’m going no where, unless I can walk to bed. Forget energy of any type. If you enjoy melting into the couch, then this ones for you

  8. yo_geezer

    The Sativa is the first thing that’s comes through had me a little noid now I’m relaxed a bit but head still racing body has a buzz to it that I don’t recognize it got amperage if that’s what you like

  9. Daisy2

    I am 40 yrs old. I have been smoking for over 20yrs. The. TCF Blue Raspberry Moorcock Preroll that i ordered from GoGreen NoHo was just unbelievable. It is a must try for any1 looking for that Bang… Just Wow ty for introducing me. Go green is 5star

  10. The mainman

    It’s weird how OG kush is classified. Most people call this a heavy indica, yet in my experience it does prove a heavier high, I always end up getting a weird deep body buzz from this one that amplifies everything sensory. And I love it so very much. This strain never ceases hitting me hard, but I’ve never greened out from this one and I get excited to push it forward. However! If you go far with this expect your cognition to take a hit the next day. Not good for sunday nights!

  11. Aaron_Drake58

    One of my most favourite Strains the way it just soothes the soul is the best and the spicy Dank taste is great 👍🏻 and my last batch the buds were Huge I’m talking dollar store bounce balls size Nugs I get this when ever possibly. Hard to find though here lately

  12. AnotherCrazyCanadian –

    Sweet ass, strain!!! Always a favorite when available!!!!

  13. ProgRockFan1978

    Fun to smoke. High does not last long so you smoke it up fast.

  14. Otto

    It’s a great stain & would have given it a 5 star rating if I was an indica fan, however, I prefer sativas or sativa dominant hybrids. It’s definitely potent though!

  15. Z Rasye

    Very interesting and informative.

  16. ProgRockFan1978

    Very nice and smooth high . After you eat a good nap is necessary.

  17. William B.

    Love the flavors and always enjoy the after effects

  18. Captain93

    Reliable ‘ hit in the head’ for the seasoned smoker…Woodsy, not harsh….Deserving 5 stars for the intense head and body high. Yes, this is what smoking was meant to be .

  19. Williams

    At 43 smoked it for the 1st time & I have a very high tolerance but let me tell ya it puts me on my ass! In luv!

  20. The mainman

    well my guy always has top shelf goods for instance just had Sour Diesel, now he:ll have O>G>for a couple ,but this one is a favorite ,I like Indica dom.hybrids and this is my fav. strain.

  21. Quincy

    The most intense preroll I’ve ever experienced. But be careful, the crystalline melts and drips!

  22. bigtoedmoose

    5/5, such a milf of a strain, Jesus’s mother smoked this shit

  23. Riccokush

    O.G. sticks to it’s name Original Gangster of all strains may be a cali strain but the whole world in love with this

  24. yo_geezer

    Am doing a clandestine operation in the rocky mtn front in northcentral montana. (guerrilla grow!) Anyhow have some sativa dominant plants which are now knee high on me. Which would be 22 in. This first week of July. An those particular plants would be of the canuk seeds og kush, an the royal queen hulkberry which is a og kush – strawberry diesel cross I believe. But of the royal queen variety mind you. Does anyone know any info about this particular strains besides the info that canuk an royal queen advertises in their description. Thank You Tobin

  25. Tbonebudds

    Very potent…be careful with this one…lol

  26. FrankFooter

    Mind + Body Effects. Staying true to its hybrid classification, OG Kush weed is especially balanced with a high that really does provide the best of both worlds. With a vibrant mix of genetic traits, OG Kush typically tests in with a 55% sativa and 45% indica profile.

  27. nightfellow

    Top ten strain all time period

  28. Benjamin W.

    Its NOT a S. Cali original as the article author states….it was created from a mix of a plant from N Cali and a plant from Amsterdam and it was conducted in Florida…

  29. Carriell111

    I love how quick it is to take effect when anxiety is the issue it is an instant relief.

  30. HazeyAllDazey

    Very nice. One small rip and I’m good for a few hours. Intense body and head effect, but not overpowering to the point of paranoid. I’m a novice, so take that into consideration. A little for me goes a long way. That being said, give it a go, but hit it easy.

  31. ShamanStinkySteve

    Where to start, I love Og Kush. I grew up smoking this jewel on almost a daily basis, so I guess I was kinda spoiled. This is an incredibly potent, heady, kush that pretty much started it all, and is the basic component of a lot of west coast strains, all of which are world class, like Girl Scout cookies for example. A good Og kush covers all the bases, and I mean has a great heady high, a good body numbing effect, and tastes like million bucks. Definitely recommended.

  32. xBoxtruck05xxxxmeout7812

    Slow creeping uplifting High followed by peaceful Mellow High that last for hours, has beautiful Kush smell mild favorable smoke easy on your airways

  33. Hdavis

    My OG Kush Hybrid was cultivated by Korova with 19% THC. Tight medium green buds with brown hairs & crystal trichomes. Tastes & smells were earthy, lemon, & pine. Effects were uplifted, happy, relaxed, & sleepy. Yes, 4 stars out of 5 because OG Kush hits it’s true potential as a parent. Parenting more strains then i can count here in Southern California, it’s some of those strains that are 5 Star Gems! Skywalker OG Kush as one example. My username here should be a clue i am giving this strain a “Must Try”, review. Peace

  34. Hdavis

    Great strain. Some have high ratings. Its a great green But my body had different miss & different flowers serve different points. Great high But I’ve had better highs on other flowers better than OG

  35. James F

    Just got the OG Kush vape. Smooth, great taste, & all body relief. Helped my insomnia, arthritis, neuropathy & fibromyalgia. Highly recommend this strain.

  36. Dad Best

    OG kush! Where to start? Well let’s just say classics are that for a reason. OG kush is the corvette of cars, and the Chicken Parm of dinners. It’s an easy favorite because well it kicks ass. I love trying new weed as it comes out, but 50% of the new stuff has OG kush in it somehow. This is a bud that if someone said this is the only bud you can smoke the rest of your life, I’d be good. Great mix of deseil and dank. It’s everything a pot head wants in there weed. Great smell, great taste and an amazing buzz. Yummy in my tummy Og Kush😋🤪

  37. yo_geezer

    I’m in st Louis and just got to try og kush and no one should go without trying it at least once

  38. kaytrox

    Og strains are my favorite as long as there is no blue in it. Strong empowering high. Sleepy avb cookies. This is a great og. The high is like a pine strain.

  39. purphayes

    Many claim OG Kush to be a cross between chemdog (sativa) & Hindu Kush (indica), while others claim that Lemon Thai is a factor in OG kush. Whichever declaration proves to be true, you can definitely expect a cerebral high due to the sativa dominance within this strain. Patients truly consider OG Kush to be the closest thing to a miracle cure imaginable. Many patients opt for OG Kush because of it’s incredible ability to ease ailments such as chronic migraines, stomach issues, etc.

  40. Hdavis

    Happy high with major couch lock, mild body buzz and pleasant flavor. One of my favorites!

  41. Zippythepinhead

    OG KUSH is suppose to mean Organically Grown Kush about 10 years ago. Kush was supposed to be from the Afganistan region and what is called or known as aa land race.. shorter plant with broad short leaves… that was then,, I have known kush to be called afgani back in the 1970s… anyways the names keep changing I cant keep up

  42. RedNugs

    off the chart…wow , no return from this one Boss

  43. SWIM

    This is one of the most dense buds I’ve ever seen. Needless to say smoking one of the nugs took quite a while. It definitely helped me sleep, but wasn’t the reason for me being tired. I actually didn’t experience any cotton mouth while smoking this, and was pretty happy about that. I’d recommend this after a stressful day and you just want to relax and forget about your worries 🙂 Physical – 3 | Mental – 7 Taste: Smooth and not very coughy, sorta earthy Bud: Very Dense, it appears to be covered in a thin layer of crystals and is green with some orange hairs Potency: Slow climb and final plateau leaves your head in the clouds

  44. Hazey420

    In my top 10 favorite Strains so nice weed!!! smells very good and the high is very strong!!!

  45. MarijuanaMax

    Drank the whole bottle and didn’t do shit….

  46. Thomas D

    Definitely one of my favorite strains to get. It and Sour Diesel are both very common on the streets here in Connecticut, for 40/eighth, and this one never seems to disappoint.

  47. Thomas D

    The OG.. says it all

  48. purphayes

    The high is a really long lasting high and is top five for me

  49. righto_son

    Hello this place is awesome they give you points discount and they have the best weed in town and prices and deliveries it’s the best I’ve ever had

  50. righto_son

    Nice and smooth, keeps me calm. High in Myrcene.

  51. Riveram2000

    This is a great strain for sleep and pain!!

  52. Reddy yoland

    Great! Mix with some DXM and get insane hallucinations.

  53. Reddy painmanagment

    Just grew this. Phenomenal pheno!!

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