Willy Wonka Strain


Willy Wonka Strain  is a very potent, highly-cured, balanced hybrid offering an amazing grapefruit aroma. The THC content of this dispensary grade Cannabis Bud is between 22% and 28%, depending on the source.


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Willy Wonka Strain is a sativa that grows with a very bushy surrounding growth of white hairs. A classic high yield outdoor marijuana strain, it is a joint frost dealer, and will cover the ground with flowers as fast as it can grow. The unbelievable genetics of  Willy Wonka Strain come from two of the most popular strains in the world: Skunk #1 and White Widow.

In this pack you can expect to see all kinds of flavors, from pineapple to lemon , pepper, and almost anything else you could possibly want. This strain is up to par with any other on the market. Willy Wonka weed was made from a cross between Auto-Flowering female Skunk and a Blueberry Pie x Skunk GSC phenotype. These two strains have been crossing for decades, creating some of the most potent Marijuana that you will find.

Effects Of Wolly Wonka Strain | Willy Wonka strain seeds | Willy Wonka Weed.

  • High THC levels spark creativity and focus. Effects are creative, uplifting, artistic, talkative, happy, anti-depressant.
  • In case of emergency, can also help revive those who have lapsed into a deep sleep at the same time as imbibing some hash oil.
  • As this strain has sativa characteristics, it can also be used as a daytime medication, ideally used for treating insomnia, chronic pain, and moderate stress.
  • This high-octane strain is ideal for those who seek stimulation and energy along with an uplifting, cerebral effect.
  • The indica dominant effect makes this strain perfect for treating symptoms of depression and pain. This is a high-cannabidiol strain that will provide relief to those who suffer from chronic pain as well as those who would prefer an uplifting experience.
  • Medical marijuana helps to relieve many kinds of pain, including arthritis pain, neuralgia / trigeminal / facial pain, nerve pain and cancer pain.
  • Medical marijuana relaxes muscles and relieves tension, which helps alleviate insomnia and other problems related to

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1 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 100 grams, 14 Grams, 28g


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