Afghan Kush

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Afghan Kush has an earthy scent, and gives a heavy feeling of laziness or sleepiness on consumption. As euphoric strain Afghan Kush causes users to feel very happy. Afghan Kush has a THC content of 17%.

  • Type: Indica
  • Genetics: Afghani
  • Woody x Sweet x Earthy
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Hungry x Sleepy


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Afghan Kush Strain is almost a 100% indica and known to affect the user’s body more than his or her mind. Due to these effects, this is most often used by insomnia patients as a bed-time medication. This is also good for stress, anxiety, anorexia and chronic pain.

Regardless of whether you simply need to relax or unwind, an unadulterated Indica landrace is an unquestionable requirement. The Afghanistan Kush  comes from a spot famous for the highest caliber of present day weed. With an observable, sharp smell and strong Indica impacts.

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It offers an energizing mix of exceptional attributes and cannabinoids that produce an excessively perfect ‘high’. You get a lot of CBD and THC, offering even impacts with a few medical advantages. You can feel the surge of sensations the second you breathe in it, and it gradually disseminates in your body with a relieving tranquility.

Before you purchase the Afghanistan Kush strain, get yourself an agreeable, advantageous spot to appreciate the meeting without interruption. The smell and taste of this strain are that of a sweet hash. You need to taste it under the steady gaze of you judge it. A portion of its health advantages include:

  • Relieving stress and negative consequences of mental health disorders
  • Treating insomnia
  • Treating painful conditionsAt 420 Marijuana Bud Shop, we are a licensed cannabis shop with vast experience in providing the highest standards of Afghan Kush strains online to customers worldwide. We have discreet shipping practices in place to protect your privacy, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your safety. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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26 reviews for Afghan Kush

  1. Mike48231

    So very very relaxing. I fall asleep from being relaxed not sedated… A must try for any indica lover…

  2. thejoker_2020

    Legendary strain. I’m only giving 4 stars because it causes all sorts of grogginess the next morning as well as terrible short term memory issues even the next day after being sober for hours. If you’re a professional, this will make you slightly dumber and I’d urge caution with all Afghani heavy strains. But fuck if it isn’t one of the best strains in the world.

  3. Donraphael

    Nice and smooth. Beautiful flower. Does the job!

  4. Anderson

    This is one of my favorite strains its seems to really help me with the pain and nausea that come with cancer and it helps me with sleep, anxiety, depression and the urge to want to eat. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Ive got a really high tolerance and it usually takes something really strong to give me relief and this is perfect.i

  5. realdeal13

    Afghan Kush is an amazing painkiller. It is a 100% Landrace Indica. It kills all pains in my body, for hours on end. I would buy Afghan Kush again. It puts me in a good mood for quite a while. I read this strain is only good for a couple hours. That just shows somebody’s ignorance of the facts. The buds are all different sizes, with some large buds included. The taste is complex and not harsh.

  6. ranchhand1

    I am 69 yrs., of age. Spent 47 years as a body builder and zealous fitness buff. After all that my spine is fragile and a source of constant ache/pain also interfering with sleep on a daily basis. I cannot take and do not want narc’s. Over the course of 5 years I tried many strains of bud and cbd oil. Enter Afghan Kush. My dwindling 4 year old stash kept lively by previous vacuum sealing and no light storage is PERFECT! 1. It induces sleep and has very little effect on reducing REM sleep. 2. Eliminates back pain! My nerves have a kind of electrified sensation, yup, and no pain signals are felt. RELIEF!! The challenge is to find some shop near me who sells it! None so far. Highly recommended if you can find it.

  7. girlslocker

    Great for insomnia. I sleep all through the night. Good indica!

  8. JT3

    Ya man I love me a landrace strain. Afghan Kush was a nice surprise. In appearance the buds were small and had little to no smell. Just looked plain. However it was much better than that. The smoke was smooth and easy on the lungs. The Flavor was sweet and danky. It was very pleasant. The Buzz was even better. The CBD makes the relaxing even better. It’s not a knock you out buzz. It’s a relax and chill pill! Aghgan Kush can stay on my menu🤪

  9. Lltfdaniel

    Afghan Kush is one of the best strains to help settle paranoia and discomfort. Unlike other strains, Afghan Kush won’t play with your thoughts or feelings. Instead, you can count on this strain to ease you into a gentle relaxation. This strain is best used at night since it has pretty potent indica effects that will sedate you. Afghan Kush is also widely used for the treatment of insomnia, but can also help with lack of appetite, depression, stress, and pain.

  10. JordanM1087

    Afghan kush is a HEAVY hitting India for sure! Grade A folks! 😉😍 GREAT stuff,… grab some ppl!

  11. Lltfdaniel

    Love the medicine it very up lifting hopfully in states that we can only have cbd bud you could get it to tweedle farms to let us have some lots of people have lots of cancer and ptsd

  12. GanjaMan69Qc

    Very good and the taste is awsome ! Perfect before de bed 😁 Close to hindu kush but surely one of the best indica

  13. coinguy

    Very nice body blast and an excellent way to forget where you are. Strong overtones without the headache. A wonderful pain reliever and great sleep-aide.

  14. OldSmoker

    Great Smoke but DO NOT give in to the urge to munch something, you will clean out your kitchen then go to bed and listen to your stomach make strange noises……….4 1/2 stars only for that reason

  15. coinguy

    This is my first time to smoke this herb afghani… Great stuff I have chronic pain and road anxiety. It gets rid of all of for a couple hours!!!! Love love it❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Rijaphillip

    100% Indica, very potent ,long lasting affects, grape-like flavor,very narcotic affect immediately

  17. House22

    Great bud, tastes great and it’s very smooth, very nice relaxing body high, will get some more when I can find it.

  18. OldCaveMan

    Tastes like crap, I am so sick of these people trying to reinvent the wheel. The buzz is ok, I have had much better weed. But to me taste is every thing and this stuff is crap.

  19. Allison K.

    Very good, but very easy to smoke too much if you’re a beginner

  20. Aaron

    This ia good strain

  21. Quincy

    Dank great body high

  22. SanDiegoSteve

    great taste, great effect

  23. Quinty

    The best Ashish of Afghanistan is called Shirake Mazar it has a long lasting high,leas side effects, the smoke of it smooth and it’s very strong, and it has a over 900 years history

  24. Dominique D.

    I always reach for Afghan Kush when I’m feeling down at the end of a heavy day. The THC level always hits well above the 20% mark and it works like a dream for my back and neck pain. Good for kicking it and falling asleep at night.

  25. Michelvalmo

    Gave this a shot bc its part of the Hindu Kush fam, but wasn’t as impressed with it as the others. Funky floral smell and spicy flavor but short effects. Good CBD level, so can be used to treat pain but has pretty mellow effects in all.

  26. FrankFooter

    This is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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