Khalifa Kush

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Khalifa Kush Strain has a lemony flavor and pine scent. khalifa kush medically can be beneficial when used for fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression while the high CBD is good for more serious conditions. khalifa kush has a THC content ranges between 15% to 29%.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: OG Kush
  • Lemon x Earthy x Pine
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Creative x Uplifted


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Oder Khalifa Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with insane THC levels on offer. It came from a brand of cannabis promoted by Wiz Khalifa and marketed as a relaxing strain. It’s Genetics remains a secret but is known to be a classification of OG.

The taste and smell of cheap Khalifa og strain are somewhat similar, with pine notes and a lemony flavor. because of its stimulating effects, it is an ideal choice for a wake and bake session. New users should consume this potent herb with caution!

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A high-quality strain captures the attention of cannabis lovers across the world. This is truly applicable for the Khalifa og strain for sale. It belongs to highly elusive genetics that requires an experienced grower. Medical patients may like it for its smooth smoke compared to other strains. Breeders designed this strain to offer uplifting cerebral high, accompanied by full-body relaxation.

Recreational users can enjoy the high THC content without heavy sedation. Take a puff and enjoy the healing benefits of this wonderful variant.

KK Strain |Wiz Khalifa Kush |Khalifa Kush Las Vegas|Snoop Dog Kush.

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1 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 14 Grams, 30 grams, 65 grams

53 reviews for Khalifa Kush

  1. SoleilVert

    very uplifting, super cerebral, sharp thinking, active, very strong stuff. I was impressed I am a sativa smoker and it had all the effects I was looking for. Nice earthy herbal taste.

  2. ILLWILL8300

    One of the best forms of OG I’ve had. I’ve smoked all kinds of OG variances but KK is one too get over and over again. Very sharp on flavor and high. Unique characteristics on smell and taste. Has a lil earthy pungent suttle gassy tone. Taste a lil same but not much gassy flavor on exhale. Smells awesome when you walk back in. Def a bucket list strain. A MUST TRY

  3. Allison K.

    this stuff is very tasty and like described a perfect daytime delight!

  4. Stett4490

    It’s a PITTSBURGH THING Absolutely love this strain holy cow!!! It’s perfect PERIOD!!! I feel so alive,i have the energy of a young man im so lazer like focused on whatever i choose to do so creative DO NOT PASS THIS UP

  5. CubanBudHead –

    Literally smoking this right now (pre-roll) for the first time and I can safely say the cerebral feeling is 100% spot on, and I definitely feel relaxed, yet awake. But even with this middle of the road feeling, I still feel like I can work done if need be. I would recommend this to anyone!

  6. Joejaam –

    Got it today. Right now im sipping on a hot cup of coffee and burning one just to relax….. #stayhome

  7. Daisy

    AWSOME product. Big time anxiety relief. Best thing I ever had. Keeps me feeling positive.

  8. Azure9

    I ordered some Live Rosin of that khalifa , its almost white. Top shelves product. I have only positive thing to say about this strain. I have major anxiety health issue and im boarderline. Its help me with pain either. Very happy with my purchases. I bought from Vancouver shop.

  9. Span

    Order this strain before and was amazing. This time it was terrible looks completely different than last time and the ash is straight black. Last time it was straight white ash.

  10. dante

    Had this strain before and it smoke tasted and looked a lot better than this time. I was surprised when i got KK this time cause it looked different and the ash wasnt even white when smoking

  11. A best

    Last all day really strong for a indica hybrid

  12. itsjust_thatgu

    Good for daytime use, kept me energized and social throughout work, came home and its also good for night time. Relaxation creeps up on you with this one before you know it zzzz.

  13. MJFW4Legalize

    Outstanding strain! The taste is smooth with exciting lung expansion and a wonderful exhale taste of sweet and sour. I have to say this is one of the top 3 tasting strains I have had. As for the buzz, a very head and body relaxing chill that doesn’t put you to sleep. But if sleep is what you want, you will accomplish that well. This is one of the top 10 strains I have had.

  14. 1kingkush

    4.5 Stars out of 5 because the effects were awesome making me relaxed but energized. This strain can be used anytime because it does it all. Kept me up during the day with its cerebral uplifting buzz but, at night its mellow relaxation eased me into a peaceful night’s sleep. Firm light medium green buds were slightly sticky & had light orange hairs with tons of white trichomes. An earthy lemon pine was the taste & smell i got. Truly a don’t miss strain.

  15. Kalim57645

    The best weed in the World …thanks you wiz khalifa for the very very good weed 😍

  16. george

    I’m an anxiety ridden freak. I’m so relaxed right now. Amazing

  17. croses4me2c

    Pure Awesomeness! Wonderful for total “chill-lax”time, had no muscle spasm all nite & BEST sleep in long time.

  18. William B.

    I am in love with Khalifa Kush one of the most dominant delicious tasting smells so magnificent wow how I love KK.

  19. darkangel

    I have been smoking pot for almost 20 years and this has been the only strain that has alleviated my osteoarthritis. This is the best strain I have smoked for chronic pain,, Ever. 🙂

  20. Akboy84

    It’s just a basic OG kush. I’m sure why people pay 20 bucks more per 8th for the exact same OG Kush on the bottom shelf.. I grew a small batch of this to see if it was any good and it was identical to my other OG Kush plants came back at 21% was good but not 60 dollor 8th good.. so buyer beware when they are trying get u for top self prices at dispensery for some basic ass kush

  21. Chris Ames

    it really gets you in the poo poo. super stoney

  22. clouds

    I tried Khalifa kush this past Christmas. Very good indica dominant strain. Super Stoney as well.

  23. Stoner420

    Wish I had some

  24. dede

    Rejuvenated my sex drive for real, especially in the first 30 minutes. Was amazing!

  25. Blake

    this is some gass beyond anything i ever would imagine

  26. righto_son

    Really, really good weed. issa dank nugs

  27. falone

    Really, really, really good weed.

  28. FrankFooter

    Made me very hungry nonetheless very potent very well grown

  29. vincent

    This shit was good af

  30. Van D

    Prob the best shit I’ve ever had

  31. Dench

    This is killer! First hit I took felt like a headband around my head, the room “winks” at you and the rush is intense. The next thing I find myself doing is clear thinking and problem solving skills! I found myself cracking jokes, reflecting on life and what I can do to improve! I was so deep in thought that my wife had wondered what I was thinking about. I just said that I could tell her but It would be too much info. !! I sat back, cleared my head and watched movies for a couple of hours and feeling good! I Never felt sleepy of groggy, even though it was like being engulfed in a sleeping bag!! AWESOME!!

  32. lampard

    Best strain ever made

  33. lampard

    Best strain ever made lol on God

  34. Gmoneymight

    This strain is hot in the mid-west OH-10 (330) has this strain finally! Had to grab a lb of it because its like the perfect blend 80/20 just the right balance of psychoactive effects and body high. Great for the morning and night.. Wiz you got it right! Keep em’ lit and keep em’ coming…

  35. Gmoney mane

    This strain is hot in the mid-west OH-10 (330) has this strain finally! Had to grab a lb of it because its like the perfect blend 80/20 just the right balance of psychoactive effects and body high. Great for the morning and night.. Wiz you got it right! Keep em’ lit and keep em’ coming…

  36. fazzy

    This strain is hot in the mid-west OH-10 (330) has this strain finally! Had to grab a lb of it because its like the perfect blend 80/20 just the right balance of psychoactive effects and body high. Great for the morning and night.. Wiz you got it right! Keep em’ lit and keep em’ coming…

  37. cedrick

    Smoked this just the other day in Brooklyn with my two friends super fun time WK thanks for the KK

  38. Loe

    omg this is the best thing

  39. Hdavis

    Excellent product, the reviews and descriptions are on point, definitely one of my top 3

  40. Hdavis

    Best high ever omggggf

  41. house maid

    Very rich in flavor got a good high

  42. k

    One of the bests. I wasn’t disappointed.

  43. boo

    It’s definitely good for whole body Buzz tastey looks amazing

  44. derck

    I smoked KK during my senior trip and it was amazing just a serial high.

  45. chy2166

    5-outta-5 stars for “Wiz” KHALIFA OG KUSH (INDOOR)…I’ve had ounce after ounce when it was first introduced/released to the public…A truly GREAT OG!!!

  46. Fallenangel87

    Just got this the other day, good ass shit!

  47. chy2166

    Got high off this strain while hiking. Best I ever had!

  48. jah wind

    Got high off this strain while hiking. Best I ever had!

  49. legendaryhound

    Best ive tasted as far as overall effects i rate this a 10. Its smoke the way i like to smoke

  50. lil ace

    I love kk it had me so high

  51. DaiByDaiEnt

    When did this come out??

  52. Chino

    luv me some whiz ! u know if its named after whiz kahlifa its gotta be good

  53. heybudtender

    It’s an og hybrid..good smoke but nothing special compared to the higher end ogs. The smell is a little more tame without that in your face fuel/lemon the better ogs have

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