Do si dos Strain

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Do si dos strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. The strain’s combination of mental and physical stimulation makes it a good way to enhance activities that involve full body coordination, like exercising, dancing, and in the right set and setting, sex.

  • Type: Indica
  • Genetics: GSC x Face Off OG
  • Sweet x Earthy x Pungent
  • Happy x Sleepy x Relaxing x Euphoric x Uplifted


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Do si dos strain is good for medical cannabis patients. It’s physical effects can be an analgesic for aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis.

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A well-balanced strain is an instant favorite among connoisseurs worldwide. It tells a lot about the popularity of cheap Dosidos strains. Make sure not to overdose, as it increases the possibility of couchlock. Try it early evening or late afternoon for best results!

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At 420  Marijuana Bud Shop, we offer top-shelf Dosidos strain online with a dynamic terpene profile and icy white trichomes. Medical cannabis patients can take advantage of this variant to treat aches, pain, stress and depression .

Anyone with a low tolerance for THC should use small quantities to avoid paranoia. Your safety is our topmost priority, and it is our responsibility to provide you with any information. We protect your privacy at all times and guarantee discreet delivery in vacuum-sealed boxes.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience!


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60 reviews for Do si dos Strain

  1. Gelakush974

    Picked this up at Show Grow Ramona ! Worth the Visit, they consistently supply High Quality California Bay Area strains. Been waiting to try this one 🙂 This was labeled a “Hybrid” at the Dispensary. Picked up a description of the genetics off of The description as follows: Do si do is a cross between OGKB Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1. It’s a terrific Cookies cross that’s roughly 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Surely, the best of both worlds!Do Si Do is a potent hybrid strain. Smells Fruity, Grassy, and a little bit earthy. The taste is piney and earthy. Smoked 1/2 a bowl of Flower out of a small glass pipe. The High on this strain is a TRIP …:) The “Body High came on quick with this one so I thought this would be a more Classic Indica Style High. Fifteen to Twenty minutes later Miss Sativa awakens from her Slumber and Sinks her Fangs into your Brain. In the best way possible of course 🙂 Then its a Duel for Supremacy between Indica and Sativa. This is the kind of competition I’m talkin bout ! If your out in public and your High on Do-Si-Dos just go with it…don’t try to be cool, even with Shades everyone around you knows you are High ! Show Grow Ramona Represent !!!

  2. Tdogusa825

    Oh my sweet Dosi! If I could keep one strain in my medicine cabinet, this would be it. Regardless of where my tolerance is, I find fantastic relief from pain (migraines, spine/disc, & nerve pain), nausea and a variety of other chronic symptoms due to dysautonomia. With the best of its GSC/Face Off OG genetics, Dosi can be great for PTSD, anxiety, and aiding in the creative process. Probably not a strain for novice users, as a medical user, I highly recommend giving this versatile, indica-dominant strain a try.

  3. Robika40

    Top shelf. Super fast, euphoric high. Amazing flavor. Very smooth. After a few dabs, I stared at the wall for 20 mins with complete glee.

  4. Reddead

    Whether you’re looking to chill out or get bright-eyed and bushy -tailed, this hybrid is sure to satisfy. Squint hard enough, and you can spot purple buds beneath the peanut butter-colored fuzz that covers the nug. From fragrance to flavor, it’s a tasty experience all around. The high is sneaky… You may think you need to smoke more, and before you know it, your chores are done and you’re having the best pillow fight EVER with the kids. The munchies are sure to hit hard, so keep snacks packed! If you have to choose one strain for day or night, this is the one. Scout’s honor! Fire acquired from Krafted Strains Cooperative in Long Beach

  5. RedNugs

    One of the Best strains I have ever smoked in my life and this one get you couch locked for sure if you have pain he takes it mostly all the way obviously if I can get all of it away but it takes most of it away it is very tasty if you smoke with hemp wick even better I recommend this for nighttime use very good for sleep if you can find it absolutely pick it up it is worth every penny and at least get a gram or to stay up guys!!!!!!!

  6. FrankFooter

    i could get up and move around, but i dont wanna

  7. Scroll55

    Whoa! This delicious strain is perfect for insomniacs and to manage pain. Sweet piney skunky scent, taste and an immediate head and body high with just slight paranoia the quickly fades. Be safe – dont drive at all using this one. Purchased from my favorite dispensary, Thrive Market in North Las Vegas — always top notch quality and fastastic swrvice.

  8. Zippythepinhead

    I received this strain with about 13 others as samples for my buyers. So as a dabber I went out to the shop and pressed a few nugs of all 14 samples. My doctor retired a couple years back so I have been looking for a good strain to kill my shattered shoulder pain! Well I need not look any further. Do-si-doe is the shit. First dab half way down and I was already feeling it. Before I could even blow it out I had a nice warm feeling all over from head to toes. And kinda of euphoria all around! I would HIGHLY recommend this strain to anyone with major pain! You won’t be doing the do-si-doe but you won’t have any pain for about 4 hours!!!!

  9. Edkeojr8980

    Gave this a 5 star review because it earned it! Picked up an oz at 30.4pct, that looked and smelled out of this world. Smoked half of a 98 special Raw cone. Effects came on quickly and very powerful. Not only is this a very strong body high like you would expect with a strong Indica, but it’s a real heavy and long lasting head high that feels amazing. I would advise caution for the new cannabis consumer with low tolerance. (not me) Lol Great for pain, depression, anxiety, appetite and overall sense of well being. Will buy again!

  10. AnotherCrazyCanadian –

    Made a Leafly account just to review this strain. Honestly in my opinion it’s a heavy hitting “stoned” feeling but slight cloudy in the head feels also. My favorite strain so far. Great strain.

  11. Aaron_Drake

    I asked my seller to get me something for the night, a indica dominant strain that would help me fall asleep. I didn’t realize what I was getting into. As I received do-si-dos, the aroma was very pleasant, danky af, but it was pleasant. The bus was quite a lot of orange hairs and many trichrosomes on it. I rolled me a blunt with the 1/8 I had gotten, little did I know that God himself was about to smak the living shit out my soul with his one. After the thrid hit I was smacked, numb and in another fucking dimension. I was out, and by the one that blunt was finished I couldn’t move, I felt my soul leaving the Body as if god was ready to take me. I never enjoyed a strain this much until I had do-so-dos. The munchies that kicked in later on were absurd I felt as if I hadn’t eaten in years. This has become one of my favorite strains. Don’t recommend for beginners as it is quite a very potent high.

  12. Lo79 – P

    I’ve got a high tolerance & this strain never ceases to amaze. Helps with pain, anxiety, nervous system, nausea, sleep… everything! Warning, it’s knocked me on my ass more than once! Props!!!

  13. ProgRockFan1978

    DAMN! This strain is sexy and it tastes delicious! One of the best strains of 2016 for a reason. Kush lover. Made my body feel like it was melting.

  14. Carriell111

    To put it bluntly this shit is gnarly. Off the bat you notice it’s got a really pungent sweet smell, but not overwhelmingly so. Absolutely covered in trichs’, bright green with slight purple and orange tones. As far as the smoke, it tastes almost slightly diesel-y, then finishes very floral and almost fruity. The high lays in behind your eyes right out of the gate, like a smack in the face. Pretty soon after it starts to lay you out, particularly with repeated dosing. I was having terrible anxiety all afternoon today (likely from spreadsheets and too much caffeine today), it’s gone. I feel very mellow. Did help some with relieving my back pain as well. This is a great nighttime smoke. Not recommended for the morning to get up and goin at all though, I bet you won’t get shit done. I was looking for an insanely strong laid out indica and for sure found it in this strain. I literally can’t not give it five stars. Some of the best I’ve ever had.

  15. Rasye.

    I’d be very hard pressed to find a GSC-strain that I don’t ADORE, so this delectable & delightful T-90.46% indicol-leaning, yet very balanced, both in flavor + terpene profile, as well as medicinal benefits of all, hybrid|indica|sativa qualities. For me personally, GSC means that it’s a great smoke for both vets + newbies — & this Face Off back end gives you that extra-euphoric Kush-push that bumps this girl into the Super Strain Hall of Fame, in my book, every time! I never met a GSC 🍪 that i didn’t inhale + enjoy! 😉

  16. Cdenham70

    Tasty strain that sends tasty waves all through, mind and body. I smoked PIM’s (Sonoma County grow) version and it kicks ass. It’s indoor, smooth, frosty, citrusy and earthy – and definitely has the GSC flavor to it.

  17. Captain93

    Fantastic body buzz. I feel simultaneously stoned but not incoherent. I retain my focus but am also incredibly stoned. Would be great for tiki time!

  18. jmize57

    Definitely not a daytime strain! Lolol mixed up my jars and hit this for my morning wake n bake. It put me back to sleep will still standing lolol! GREAT STRAIN GREAT BODY HIGH!-#ceesmokes

  19. blackboy

    Came to California, for a work/vacation and was gifted an eighth of Do-Si-Dos. The canister from Tradecraft Farms was the first thing to catch my eye as I have yet to see a can of flower that paid a striking resemblance to a cat food can by Fancy Feast. Upon popping the lid and pulled back the tab, I was nose smashed with a very sweet pungent aroma that wasn’t too overwhelming. Very nice, crystal covered flower. Dark with darker shades of green. And a Fancy feast it was!!! Hippy picking/breaking it up by fingers was an easy task given the density. I like to smoke in all ways, including a tobacco laced spliff, which this proved to be incredibly flavorful and very intense. Just what I like. Affects were very much on the Indica train. Slightly dizzy, wobbly walk for the first few steps after ripping, which isn’t very usual, even for me, being a fairly usual partaker. Great strain through and through. I maybe wouldn’t recommend for light smokers, and maybe even some who consider themselves a bit heavier. But still shouldn’t go with out being sampled. If you’re looking for something to knock your socks, cock, or whatever else off, then maybe giver a go! Very enjoyable! And thank you to whom ever that was! Cheers!

  20. PurplePikminFir

    Wow. Thats the first thought that comes to my head with this strain. You can truly taste the OG in its genetics. A great strain to smoke when going to sleep. Will definitely be looking for this strain again! Id give it more stars if i could

  21. bigtoedmoose

    medicated right best strand I have tried. I live in NY so used to sour and haze but this here is by far the best I have smoked

  22. bigtoedmoose

    ♫ Swing your partner, there we go, let’s go vape some do-si-dos!♬ Method of consumption: Volcano Vaporizer Pros: Uplifting, Relaxing and helps with mild pain. Slight euphoria, giggly. Cons: Dry mouth and minor dry eyes. Taste/Draw: Sweet Minty/Pine, hint of earthiness. Smooth draw and exhale. Overall/Other: Very relaxing, has creeper effect where it hits the head first, then body relaxation. Some couch lock/tiredness as time goes on. More of a stay at home strain. Pain relief is not immediate, but does happen, like a delayed effect (body wise at least, for my Crohns Disease), not a bad thing, but keep that in mind depending on how severe your pain is. I would recommend this strain if you are looking to relax and transition from a mild euphoric and happy head high, to a body one.

  23. Riccokush

    Definitely a good evening strain with only plan is to stay in and chill. Very good balance of head and body high.

  24. Groovi777

    I found Do-Si-Do an odd name for a strain and the reviews seemed promising so I bought some. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST INDICA STRAIN I’VE EVER TRIED BY FAR!!! My tolerance has been going up and other strains got me high, but THIS got me STONED. I only needed half the amount I’d normally smoke. Gives a really strong and relaxed body high with lots of giggly head high too! I do have to caution though that I did experience some anxiety, but it subsides within 10 minutes. The buds are absolutely COVERED in kief/trichomes and fuzzy in texture. I just restocked and got 1/4 more of Do-Si-Do because its so great and I feel like I won’t be seeing this rare specimen in my area again anytime soon! An absolute MUST-TRY.

  25. Snapple207

    Exceptional body high that provides full relaxation – complete relief from any aches and pains residing in my joints, muscles or tendons. A wonderful sweet berry, citrus sage aroma and taste slowly dips you into a pool of sensory comfort and physical relief as even your most difficult pains are held far away from your bubble of peace.

  26. MellowDenny14

    Never had heard of this one, but when i was given a heads up of what was in route, I started researching this beautiful amazing Bomb Ass strain. Soon as seeing its lineage of GSC & Face Off , I was sold & couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. I rolled up a blunt and shared with 2 friends & we were baked . Im talking bout couchlocked ,hungry ,lost inside ur thoughts type of stoned. Overall This strain is the Fucking Bomb & should be named Procrastination cause that’s exactly what’s gonna set in.

  27. 401420pro

    Flavor: Smooth, smelled like fruit roll ups, reminiscent of Grape Ape. High: Wow. I felt perfectly relaxed and numb – this would be a great strain for pain relief. I was a little giggly for awhile and then just felt sleepy and worry free. This strain gave me the biggest case of munchies I’ve ever had and I ate my way through an entire bag of animal crackers before I realized what I was doing. Downer: I think I smoked too much – I was dizzy at first. After I came down I fell asleep fairly quickly but then woke up in the middle of the night with some pretty intense paranoia (I had to get up and check that all the windows in the house were locked). Interesting tidbit: this strain made me extremely….amorous…and that’s all I’m going to say Next day: Felt really groggy when I woke up – but motivated to get stuff done – felt psychologically numb for most of the day

  28. mgw2a –

    this strain was great I smoked 2 bowls and within 10 minutes I felt a great body numbing buzz hit with a strong euphoria and couch locking effect with a great cookies taste and smell although the high is more related to the face off og inside it

  29. McCleatus

    Hotboxed my friend’s basement with a vape cartridge. Got extremely baked, and had a near psychedelic experience while listening to DSotM by Pink Floyd.

  30. Cody111811

    Currently vaping my do si do cartridge and enjoying a euphoric body high. During the day i smoked a pretty energizing hybrid in order to focus on a long day of classes and studying, stayed up late and needed a way to wind down quickly. Picked up my do si do cart and within 10 minutes i was experiencing a chill wave of a body high and a night blanket of sleep in my mind. Watched an episode of disjointed and smiled through the whole thing, i was so content. A very nice berry taste that gives you relaxation you can physically feel and is great for making you laugh. I’d say pretty average dry mouth and dry eye. I get super hungry on this strain particularly and always have random cravings. A really enjoyable smoke, good for insomnia.

  31. ShamanStinkySteve

    It has a mellow happy high with a nice earthy flavor. It’s not a skunky strain.

  32. ShamanStinkySteve

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! I got some of this flower as well as wax from Urban Wellness first things first, the cookies yeah the ones from the little drug dealer and her troop off minions, those are some of the best things to grace this planet. Anyway back to the flower, opon first sent I was greeted with a sweet muskie and a cake batter type of sent. Overly amazing smell with i could find it in a candle, the guy behind the counter said it has become on of his top favorites. So I got a few grams and some other flower as well and headed home. When i got home first things first BONG HITS!!! With my first rip I was hit with one of the smother hits ive had, me not having very good lungs due to prior Cigarette smoking, this was amazing to say the least, upon exhale came that cake batter from earlier, then a sweet berry type of flavor and my love came alive, hopped on to netflix and became one with the couch, the only thing that got me up was the unimaginable munchies!!!! After a while of staring at the fridge I decided that Ramon would probably be best………. UNFORTUNATELY I WAS SO HIGH I FORGOT WATER!!!!

  33. Jokoba

    An indica for connoisseur seekers. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. The smell was pungent and earthy, with a bit of tropical fruit. Flowers were a nice light lime green with dark orange calyxes. The buds were sticky and fluffy. The taste was fuely and sweet. The effects were nicely balanced for an indica, not extremely heavy. They were euphoric and relaxing. Absolutely chill. A little bit of a creeper. Perfect strain for stress, anxiety, and ptsd.

  34. Poppa Jay

    I tried a cartridge of this strain about a week ago and it was absolute amazing. Took the edge off, pleasant euphoria, and such a clear mind. Also relaxed the muscles in my upper back. Hope to have this one again soon!

  35. Hdavis

    My first review after trying 30+ flower strains over the past couple months. Do-si-dos is my all time favorite and go-to comparison I hold other strains to(pre bedtime). It hits pretty hard and fast with a euphoric calm relaxing cerebral and body high and while there’s no lock you do settle in to a very relaxing state but can move about if needed. The SEX however is it’s best quality imo. Every time me and the wife smoked and had sex it was absolutely incredible both me being able to perform and the finish……oh god the finish 🙂 it feels like you’re finishing for 3x as long as normal. Crazzzzy! There’s are some other stains which are also great for me and those are GSC, Blue Dream, Jillybean, and GG#4, but Do-Si-Dos beats them hands down for me every time!

  36. nightfellow

    I’ve got a high tolerance & this strain never ceases to amaze. Helps with pain, anxiety, nervous system, nausea, sleep… everything! Warning, it’s knocked me on my ass more than once! Props!!!

  37. A best

    Do-si-dos is starting to become my new favorite strain! Its showing up more in dispensaries around here and I always get it noe if I see it! I have a high tolerance and this gets me so stoned!! I love the high and I knock out with a blunt or 2. So great for sleep! Hiiiigh-ly recommend 😁😁

  38. BarbaraBligh

    This strain caught me by its amazing smell. Very dank. Tastes amazing…a very smooth coffee taste. Very mellow high. Great strain.

  39. youngtab

    2 stay simple it’s a euphoric Indica slightly disassociating body feel

  40. youngtab

    This strain caught me by its amazing smell. Very dank. Tastes amazing…a very smooth coffee taste. Very mellow high. Great strain.

  41. purphayes

    Do Si Dos did not lean very indica dominant with my body chemistry which turned out to be a positive. This strain is very medicinal with a decent amount of pain relief which is displayed in a warm, numbing all over body. Maybe that is where it can be confused with that awesome body high associated with some indicas. Most other aspects of buzz were heady with a motivating coffee like vibe that progressed from the wave of muscle relaxing that initiates the high from first puff. A very functional strain with smooth smoke and the kind of hybrid buzz that #jimmyinspazzz really enjoys. The flower itself was a treat to take pictures of being purple, green, orange in no particular pattern. Very dense with funky little buds almost foxtail that smelled earthy, a little skunky, with a high that stays around for a long time.

  42. xxxxmeout7812

    This strain 100% relieved ALL my pain! I have been taking over 500mg a day of Oxycodone, for 12+ years, for MS, RA, and back pain. Feels like Oxy “used” to feel, warm, relaxed, noddy type of high, intense body, very little head high. After building such a high tolerance, I was no longer getting any pain relief and had developed an addiction, spending ridiculous amounts of money on pills, and even contemplated using a deadly alternative….that was my point of no return. I decided to get off the pills completely, so I started on Suboxone 7 days ago and tried this in a vape cartridge for the first time, 5 days ago….and have not stopped vaping it since. For the first time in over 10 years, I AM 100% TOTALLY PAIN FREE! I will NEVER stop buying this strain as it is my ticket to living a safe, opiate-free life!

  43. Hdavis

    This by far the best Indica I’ve ever tried. It has a strong sedative effect. Starts off with head and body high combination which turns into a full body relaxation. I highly recommend this strain to anyone who is stressed out. I tend to over indulge in this one.

  44. PurplePikminFire

    Incredible for pain relief . Most buds trigger my fibromyalgia by making my hands feel incredibly swollen. Do-Si-Dos took my pain away after a long day of physical work . Highly recommend for pain relief and unwinding .

  45. RandDash

    This batch was produced by : Matrix THC- 23.38% It’s a good social indica , a tad bit harsh – but not too bad . I’d say people that like GSC, will enjoy this indica.

  46. Quin

    I picked up a prefilled cartridge of this to vape on, Is about 78% THC, not sure the CBD but wow, this strain even in concentrate form is a blast of cerebral and body high. I took about 3 big hits off the pen and watched The incredibles 2, not the best movie to watch stoned but it had me feel like floating across the theatre with some heavy munchies. Great high for clearing pain/nausea. Although Im gonna have to rate as a 4 because of intense couch lock and losing focus of things easily. The cerebral high is good with mild CEV’s from the concentrate form.

  47. Quincy

    I got an 1/8 of some Do-Si-Dos last week after 2 bowls and 10 minutes I felt pure relaxation and a burst of euphoria with a great body numbing high and the taste definitely lives up to the cookie standards but I’d compare the high more to face off og.

  48. Quinty

    I tried this via stickevape. It has a lovely floral, light and refreshing flavor. I have never tasted anything like this. A relaxed, sleepy feeling comes quickly. It is not as slumber inducing as heavier indicas. I had never heard of this strain and agree with the positive reviews.

  49. cedrick

    As flower, this strain is a delightful, classic, Stoney-ass Indica. Mellow, groovy, and just a pleasant and toasty cosmic vibration that pairs well with some loud, fuzzy, 70’s psych-rock. If you’re an Indica connoisseur, make sure you eventually have an opportunity to dip your toes into this hella chill nugg-age, you dig?? It’s also EXCELLENT as wax, and I’ve had it in a vape cartridge and and it had a sweet little buzz and a terpene profile that was surprisingly heavily leaning towards a nice Key Lime flavor! Recommended all around!

  50. vasa747

    Very calming and relaxing but as a strong indica I got more of a zoning out feeling than a sleepy feeling when usually before going to bed I smoke a good bit and it usually knocks me out but this strains good for anxiety depression and many of those types of problems. I do love the smell and the look of the buds I had smaller buds but I know not all eights are easy to make with just 1 or 2 buds all the time. Culta Rocked this strain! Met the Master Grower at the NCW Crabfeast and they are and awesome group of people who moved from Denver to fro medicine for us all!

  51. tangerine_trees

    An amazing adventure. Super couch lock and euphoric. Has become a favorite.

  52. Tdogusa825

    Now let me tell you, this was the first strain i smoked and probably one of my favorites. I love this shit because it makes you laugh like crazy it gave me such a euphoric feeling just undescribable. Very good clean high and only a little bit of paranoia. Very good sweet flavor and i really cannot wait to try it again.

  53. RandDash

    Just smoked a blunt of Do-Si-Dos rn and it’s a pretty good strain. I say pretty good because it has not given me that knock out punch that I look for in my weed. Upside is it has given me the munchies extremely 👍🏼

  54. Reaction

    I was not very educated in the world of cannibis until last year, but I’m so glad we’ve come so far from the days in college of buying whatever was available and not knowing what the effects may be. With Do-Si-Dos, my brain functions so much more efficiently. I’m a very high energy person as it is and my career is rooted in creativity. This calms me down but makes me an idea generator, and allows me execute that idea much easier. I know it’s not intended to be a strain with that characteristic, but for me, it’s my go-to. The pulls are not harsh and a few puffs will last me a good while.

  55. Reddy yoland

    it’s a really nice feeling to have before bed. I wake up with no weed hangover which is super awesome

  56. eduardo l.

    Definitely a hard hitting indica! I’ve picked up so many different brands of shatter with this strain & it’s one if my favorite before bed time strains. Taste 5/5 – Love the OG taste/aroma to it Buzz 6/5 – Strong behind the eyes and in your head, pleasant body relaxation. Overall, if you’re considering trying it, it won’t disappoint.

  57. ziomitchel

    Great for pain relief or insomnia. Not for daytime/work use. Heavy and perfect for someone with chronic pain. The oil and flower are both good but the flower gave me intense headaches.

  58. emmet

    Do-si-dos is a definite new favorite, was able to be gifted some of this by a good friend. Buts are nice and dense, laden with trichomes of an ambery-white color, with the leaves light green with small flecks of purple peeking around every other calyx. The smell wasnt as pungent as expected, but phenomenal nonetheless. An earthy, cotton candy-like sweetness with a slightly sour tinge that nips the tongue on the exhale. The high was super relaxing, hitting behind the eyes and melting through the back of the head , and onto the rest of the body. Perfect for insomnia, pain, and lack of appetite. This strain is a must try for any seasoned cannabis enthusiast or medical patient, but novice smokers heed its potency!

  59. Aaron

    Very heavy Indica and quickly seeps through your body and you can feel your limbs become heavier. Makes you fall asleep and you will get a very deep sleep if you smoke this before bed. Don’t smoke if you plan on doing other things that day though because I lost all motivation after smoking this.

  60. The mainman

    Super solid strain. Dreamy and a no worries bud. Taste and looks are good and potency and burn are great. Favorite for relaxing before bed.

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